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Dreamweaver & Notepad

a.)  HTML:  Using the notepad program and creating the website from scratch wasn’t all too fun to me.  I usually like to start from scratch and watch it progress and grow bigger, but this wasn’t the case.  I feel like it was way to slow and not entertaining, I am very glad i learned that accuracy is key to this method of making a website.
b.) Dreamweaver: Now dreamweaver is my type of program, i felt like everything i wanted to do i could do and it wasn’t to hard to grasp the idea of the codes. I would much rather use this then the notepad.  The fact that when you type something out and before you finish the word it shows a list of codes helps build the excitement for me.  A student like me loves to see things happen while in control and this made it possible for me to comprehend what was going on with all the codes.
c.) The Dreamweaver Videos: The first video that was shown helped quite a bit, i feel like the explanations blended together but overall i remembered what was going on when i was doing it myself.  The little facts such as differences between GIF’s and JPG’s. JPG’s are for big images while GIF’s are more thumbnails were the big things that caught my attention
d.) Other Tools:  I dont know how any other tool could beat Dreamweaver because i loved it soo much, but I’m definitely up to see what else is in store to help build a webpage.

Compare and contrast

The difference between what we have been doing in class and curiosity-driven searches are simple.  We’ve been focusing in on little facts that we are guided to look for such as our Research topics, these topics were meant to help us broaden our knowledge on our certain topic. When You search something out of curiosity then, you, the reader is trying to either gain the knowledge or just interested in the topic. When we were going through the process with steve and eddy we had to narrow our topic down to a certain point, it couldn’t be to broad or too narrow. We were supposed to use primary or secondary sources, these were the spots that we got the majority of our info from.

We were asked to find one article and one book and those were are sources for information, If we weren’t guided by the librarians then i feel like everything we looked through would be based on random websites on our topics, and it wouldn’t turn out the best it could be.



Henry Jenkins on open-book exams

Mr. Jenkin’s thoughts in this article were a different way to look at tests in the classrooms. Taking paperless test’s isn’t a bad idea until the topic of actually trying to keep the cheating down to a minimum. If kids had the option to use the website without being watched by the instructor, then more children would cheat than not. The test and quizzes are for the teachers to know exactly what their students have studied or what they are struggling with. This will be broken if more paperless test and quizzes are taken. The thing that interested me was the fact that he brought up the idea of students being confused between open note and open laptop. I think that this would be a legitimate problem with this topic.


Google “trying not to Be Evil”

This video was a little freaky to begin with, but the negatives consisted of being able to find every ounce of information on a person and not being able to protect yourself from it. Som of the Posistives consist of gaining knowledge on news weather, or even information on a upcoming test or project. The Google world can be great but only if it is used properly. Windows and the Microsoft empire also affects us at CSUMB but not as much as google does or could in the near future.


Cst Reflection #2

This week we went over whether or not we are Digerati yet, and what that specific word meant. This word means that you are good or experienced with computers and its software.  We found our computers Hierarchy and Directory. We also gained experience with paint and photo shop therefore helping us realize the differences between the two programs . We took an Chapter 2 and 3 quiz this past week and I scored an 90% , this is looking pretty good.

Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers ? ?

Cst Reflection #1

We have already had two weeks of this Cst class and i have already learned so much, i feel like this is going to be a great semester. My favorite assignment so far was the wordle project. We were directed to choose a group or a list of words that in a sense describe or define us. We answered question like where were we born, what we liked to do, where we would go to visit and things of that nature. The wordle organized the words into a type of art, it was pretty interesting. We did and Apphunt, i knew where most of the things were i did great on this assingment. I was even showing my classmates where some of the things were. I am pretty close to my teammates that i work with so it really helps, i like it. I got an 12 out of 15 on the chapter 1 quiz so it wasn’t to hard to me.