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Compare and contrast

The difference between what we have been doing in class and curiosity-driven searches are simple.  We’ve been focusing in on little facts that we are guided to look for such as our Research topics, these topics were meant to help us broaden our knowledge on our certain topic. When You search something out of curiosity then, you, the reader is trying to either gain the knowledge or just interested in the topic. When we were going through the process with steve and eddy we had to narrow our topic down to a certain point, it couldn’t be to broad or too narrow. We were supposed to use primary or secondary sources, these were the spots that we got the majority of our info from.

We were asked to find one article and one book and those were are sources for information, If we weren’t guided by the librarians then i feel like everything we looked through would be based on random websites on our topics, and it wouldn’t turn out the best it could be.




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