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Cst Reflection #1

We have already had two weeks of this Cst class and i have already learned so much, i feel like this is going to be a great semester. My favorite assignment so far was the wordle project. We were directed to choose a group or a list of words that in a sense describe or define us. We answered question like where were we born, what we liked to do, where we would go to visit and things of that nature. The wordle organized the words into a type of art, it was pretty interesting. We did and Apphunt, i knew where most of the things were i did great on this assingment. I was even showing my classmates where some of the things were. I am pretty close to my teammates that i work with so it really helps, i like it. I got an 12 out of 15 on the chapter 1 quiz so it wasn’t to hard to me.


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